getting back to Eve

glory“I picture Eve being just like that mustang.  I imagine that she lived in a very pure and wild state, secure in who she was and confident in her purpose.  I imagine her looking God full in the face, smiling because she knows she is right where she was always meant to be. In my mind’s eye, she laughs with Adam, and she isn’t afraid to ask questions since everything is so new and she is so incredibly safe.”  

Jess Connolly, Wild and Free

Processing thoughts from my favorite new book, by my favorite new author.  Ok, so she happens to be one of my daughters – that just magnifies the reading a bit.

As a group of us gathered on the beach this past week, we were talking through this point and wondering where we got off track.  When did we quit dreaming with a wild and free spirit?  When did we put limits on our God – the One who placed each star in the sky?

The book was our starting point to talk about expectations and how we perform to meet the world’s standards, but the crashing waves & salty air pushed us past fears & safety to explore what it means to dream Free of limits and to live Wild and set apart.
One in the group pushed us forward with the reminder that God has greater dreams for us than we can even imagine:

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him” 1 Corinthians 2:9

What about you?  Are you dreaming Dreams big enough for a God who has prepared big things for you?  Are you secure in being His daughter?  If not, press into these words and see what He has to say.


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One Response to getting back to Eve

  1. kimcordell2 says:

    My feeling is that we become less independent and wild in our thinking when we marry and submit to our husbands. This is why so many women are trying to establish themselves before they marry, and then fight the thought of submission to man or God when they feel empowered. Then when we become mothers, we are so focused on the achievement of our children, and become even more dependent on our family and community. Empty nesters have the joy of rediscovering who they are and release the wild once again.

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